Chronology: Liberation of Eastern Ukraine

Updated on September 7, 2014.

The anti-terrorist operatiUkraine ATO forces Take care Dadon (ATO) by the government of Ukraine against Russian armed terror mercenaries and Russia-supported terrorists in two eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions started on April 13. As for beginning of September, the Ukrainian combined military and police forces liberated more than 80% of the territory, which was occupied by terrorists. As for August 22, over 80 settlements were liberated so far.

In August, Ukrainian forces have made many strategic gains, breaking through rebel corridors cutting off both the region’s two largest cities Luhansk and Donetsk. However, the 100 km stripe of the border with Russia in Luhansk region remained open, which allowed Russia to supply weaponry, ammunition, mercenaries and regular troops to strengthen local pro-Russian terrorists.

The strategic situation changed in the end of August, when terrorists did several counter-strikes, forcing the Ukrainian troops to retreat from several settlements and left the longer border stripe uncontrolled. The key military event in the beginning of September is the terrorists’ offensive towards Mariupol city at the Azov Sea. The present strategic plan of Russia is obvious – to make a land corridor to previously occupied Crimea.

NOTE: I check and verify information from public sources about every settlement. However, some data about particular city may vary. Therefore, please, pay attention to my comments.


Ukraine ATO map September 7

To liberate in Donetsk region:

  1. Ilovaisk town in Donetsk region. Volunteer battalion Donbas entered it on July 30, and in the middle of August took control over most part of it. Active clean ups went on during August 9-10, 17-18. However, in the beginning of September the Ukrainian forces left this city.
  2. Torez city in Donetsk region (81,700) near the Malaysia plane MH17 crash site. Ukraine’s ATO forces approached it in the end of July.  On August 21, fighting for the city has begun.
  3. Snizhne town in Donetsk region (49,500). First info about start of fighting for this town appeared on August 21, when Ukraine’s forces destroyed 11 BM-21 Grad missile launchers, 3 tanks, 5 APCs and over 100 terrorists there.
  4. Yenakiive city (84,100) Offensive started on August 14. It’s a hometown of the former President Viktor Yanukovych, who fled to Russia.
  5. Donetsk city (953,300) From the end of July, the Ukrainian ATO forces encircled the city from the west, north, and south, leaving the eastern corridor. On August 10, the Donetsk metro area (including Makiivka, Horlivka, Shakhtarsk) was sealed off.
  6. Shakhtarsk city, Donetsk region (72,700) The ATO forces entered it on July 27, but left on July 30. On August 21, fighting for the city was renewed, however in September terrorists took back control over this city.
  7. Zuhres town (19,800) in Donetsk region. First info about start of fighting for this town appeared on August 21.
  8. Horlivka city, Donetsk region (292,000) Ukraine’s ATO forces entered it in the end of July, and street fights still go on. On August 17 it was sealed off. It’s a stronghold of Russian terrorist Igor Bezler who is responsible for downing of the Malaysian Boeing 777.
  9. Makiivka city (389,500)
  10. Khartsyzk city (64,100)
  11. Rozsypne town (5,100) in Torez district. 81 km from Donetsk. The crash site of the Malaysian Boeing 777 and the stronghold of Russia-supported terrorists.
  12. Pervomaiskyi town (3,000).
  13. Hrabove village (1,000). The Malaysian airliner, flight MH17 was downed over this village on July 17.
  14. Dmytrivka village
  15. Virivka village (667)
  16. Komyshuvakha village near Kramatorsk city (500).

To liberate in Luhansk region:

  1. Luhansk city (427,600) The Ukrainian ATO forces entered the city on August 9, and took control over Velyka Vergunka district (~6,000 people + transit gas pipeline). On August 16, the Ukrainian flag was raised in Oktiabrsky city district.
  2. Krasnyi Luch town, Luhansk region (89,600) On August 9, the Ukrainian ATO troops entered the city and started clean up. However, in early September they left this city.
  3. Alchevsk city (120,000) in Luhansk region. On August 17 it was sealed off by the Ukrainian forces. However in September terrorists unblocked the city.
  4. Perevalsk town (29,600) near Alchevsk in Luhansk region. First info about fights for control over this settlement appeared on August 22.
  5. Stakhanov city (122,000)
  6. Sverdlovsk city (72,500)
  7. Antrantsyt city (54,600)
  8. Krasnodon city (49,900) On August 10, terrorists on their tank crashed at the crowded trolleybus. Driver died, passengers injured.
  9. Rovenky city (48,600)
  10. Pervomaisk city (43,000) The Ukrainian ATO forces try to take it over since July 23-28.
  11. Kirovsk town (29,200)
  12. Sukhodilsk town (23,600) Activist reported that a wedding party was shelled there in early August, at least 23 was killed.
  13. Molodohvardiysk town (23,500)
  14. Krasny Derkul village (259; Russian army posted Instagram photos of SA-11 ‘Buk” from there)


  1. Uspenka town (August 21; 9,600) in Luhansk region. On August 8, Ukrainian forces destroyed the terrorists’ base there and started gradual offensive. On August 21, they began to clean it up.
  2. Illiriya village (August 21; 600) near liberated Lutugine town in Luhansk region. Clean up is going on.
  3. Malomykolaivka village (August 21) in Luhansk region. Clean up is going on.
  4. Lysyche village (August 21) in Donetsk region. Clean up is going on.
  5. Stanytsia Luhanska town in Luhansk region (August 20; 15,700) is a north-east suburb of Luhansk. It was liberated on August 18. However, the counter strike by terrorists moved the date of final liberation to August 20.
  6. Khryashchuvate village (August 15-18; 1,200) is a south-east suburb of Luhansk.
  7. Chornukhine town (August 18; 7,700) in Luhansk region (near liberated Debaltseve)
  8. Maloivanivka village (August 18)
  9. Adrianivka (Adrianopil) village (August 18)
  10. Yasynuvata town (August 4-17; 37,000) in Donetsk region.
  11. Nyzhnya Krynka town (August 16; 13,900) in Donetsk region
  12. Zhdanivka town (August 16; 13,600) to the south from Yenakiive city in Donetsk region.
  13. Ozerianivka village (August 16; 1,000) in 8 km from occupied Horlivka city in Donetsk region.
  14. Novosvetlovka village (August 14-15; 2,500) in Krasnodon district, Luhansk region.
  15. Hirske town (August 13; 11,400) near occupied Pervomaisk city in Luhansk region.
  16. Vuhlehirsk town (August 12; 8,200) near Yenakiive city in Donetsk region.
  17. Ivanivka town (August 10; 7,300) This town is about 32 km from occupied Antratsyt city in Luhansk region.
  18. Panteleimonivka town (August 8-10; 8,000) in Donetsk region.
  19. Bokovo-Platovo town (August 9; 3,100) in Luhansk region.
  20. Vakhrusheve town (August 9; 12,100) in Luhansk region.
  21. Khrustalne town (August 9; 4,800) in Luhansk region.
  22. Debaltseve town (July 28 – August 9; 25,900) in Donetsk region.
  23. Krasnyi Partisan village (August 8; 920) in Donetsk region.
  24. Kruhlyk village (August 8; 660) in Luhansk region.
  25. Savur-Mohyla hill (July 28 – August 8) in Luhansk region.
  26. Miusinsk town (August 7; 6,000) in Luhansk region.
  27. Staromykhailivka town (August 3; 5,300)
  28. Halytsynivka village (August 3; 1,100)
  29. Krasnohorivka town (August 1-2; 16,700) was recaptured by the far-right group ‘Right Sector’ of Dmytro Yarosh.
  30. Novyj Svit town (August 1; 9,300)
  31. Kontarne village (August 1; 1,500)


  1. Avdiivka town (July 29; 37,200) in Donetsk region.
  2. Lutugine town (July 29; 18,100) in Luhansk region.
  3. Georgiivka town (July 27; 6,400) in Luhansk region.
  4. Lysychansk city (July 25; 105,300)  in Luhansk region.
  5. Verkhnekamianske village (July 24; 960)  in Donetsk region.
  6. Karlivka village (July 23; 414)  in Donetsk region.
  7. Netailove village (July 23; 1,100)  in Donetsk region.
  8. Pervomaiske village (July 23; 2,200)  in Donetsk region.
  9. Sievierodonetsk city (July 22; 121,000) in Luhansk region.
  10. Dzerzhynsk town (July 21; 43,300)  in Donetsk region.
  11. Soledar town (July 21; 13,100) in Donetsk region. MH17 crash investigators & OSCE observers set up their base here.
  12. Popasna town (July 21) in Luhansk region. On August 13, about 600 terrorists tried to attack the Ukrainian forces’ positions at this city, but were eliminated.
  13. Rubizhne city (July 21; 61,600) in Luhansk region.
  14. Yuvileine town (July 20; 13,600) in Luhansk region.
  15. Siversk town (July 10; 12,600) in Donetsk region.
  16. Druzhkivka city (July 7; 64,500) in Donetsk region.
  17. Kostiantynivka city (July 7; 94,800) in Donetsk region.
  18. Artemivsk city (July 6; 80,600) in Donetsk region.
  19. Zakitne village (July 6; 573) in Donetsk region.
  20. Kramatorsk city (July 5; 173,700) in Donetsk region.
  21. Sloviansk city (July 5; 129,600) in Donetsk region. Read more in Wikipedia article Siege of Sloviansk.
  22. Novoaidar town (July; 8,600) in Luhansk region.
  23. Stukalova Balka village (July) in Luhansk region.
  24. Novohannivka village (July) in Luhansk region.
  25. Stepanovka village (July) in Luhansk region.
  26. Vesela Gora village (July) in Luhansk region.


  1. Yampil village (June 20; 2,100)
  2. Shchastia town (June 14; 12,600) in Luhansk region.
  3. Mariupol city (June13; 463,000; temporary administrative center of the region)
  4. Krasnyi Liman town (June 3; 28,100)
  5. Semenivka village (June 3)
  6. Zhdanivka town (date unknown; 13,600)
  7. Amvrosiivka town (date unknown; 20,000)


  1. Sviatohirsk town (April 23; 5,100)


Under Ukraine’s control:

  1. Dyakove village (at the border) On August 10, Ukraine’s ATO forces regained control over this border point.
  2. Milove town (a border point; 5,200).
  3. Dovzhanske village (a border point; 675).
  4. Uspenka village in Donetsk region. It’s practically destroyed in early August by artillery fire from the Russian side.

To take control:

As for August 22, Ukraine doesn’t control over 100 km of the border with Russia in Luhansk region, said deputy head of the State Border Service Pavlo Shisholin on Shuster Live TV show.

  1. Izvarine village in Luhansk region (1,700) Ukrainians controlled this border point for 21 days, but had to leave it due to intensive shelling from the Russian side.
  2. Marynivka check point in Donetsk region was under Ukraine’s control till August 14.


  1. Donetsk international airport (IATA code: DOK) is under Ukraine’s control.
  2. Luhansk international airport (IATA code: VSG) is under Ukraine’s control. Read more about downing of the Ukrainian military cargo plane IL-76.
  3. Kramatorsk regional airport was recaptured on April 15.

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