From The Old Soviet Anti-Aircraft Base

Demolished SA-10 Grumble Soviet Base

Recently I had a unique chance to visit a remote location in Ukraine and explore one of the old Soviet military bases – nonfunctional for a long time since it has been demolished in the late 80th and early 90th, due to missile disarmament agreements between USSR and the United States. Now everything around this place is covered by bushes and trees.

Old Soviet military base in Ukraine

Locals told me that this base was one of the multiple military hubs where the anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 (NATO name: SA-10 Grumble) were stationed.

Old Soviet S-300 missiles base

The old bomb shelter

As it’s well known, the above mentioned long range surface-to-air missile systems S-300 (SA-11 Grumble) was first deployed by the Soviet Union in 1979. They were designed for the air defense of large cities, industrial and administrative facilities, and control of airspace against enemy strike aircraft.

Demolished SA-10 Grumble Soviet Base

Old military facility

Locals say thet even nuclear warheads could be kept at this base. But I don’t believe it. However, the facility, pictured in the next photo, was probably the warheads storage.

Warheads Storage at Soviet surface-to-air missile base

Almost every underground facility at this old base was demolished, most likely by explosions. So, the military use of this base by Ukraine in the future is impossible. However, who knows it for sure?


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