Today is exactly a month since our battalion and I was sent to defend our homeland integrity to the anti-terror operation zone in eastern Ukraine. Today also is one of the first days of my military service when loud sounds of artillery and MLRSs duels surround me from the early morning till the late night.

Ukrainian checkpoint
The Ukrainian checkpoint at one of seven approved transportation corridors into Ukraine from occupied eastern territories. My photo. Click to see more on Flickr.

Some Western journalists, who visit location near me, wrote in their Twitter accounts today that they heard sounds of military jets over heads. They in the West just never heard sounds of Russian MLRS rockets, which are constantly shelling Ukrainian army positions, and anything louder than passenger jet engines. Now I know how the weaponry sounds, and it’s kind of beneficial for me as a journalist even if I don’t plan to continue my career covering hot spots around the world.

So, since now I’d like in my blog to start telling you my thoughts and impressions about the undeclared war of Russia against Ukraine from inside, from the separation line between self-proclaimed so-called Donetsk & Luhansk Republics (in fact, terror organizations) and Ukraine as a state.  Hope my notes will be helpful for you, dear readers, in understanding who does what in this war.